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The Abstracts Series
Judith Weinshall Liberman
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The vast majority of my abstract works, just like my non-abstract works, are part of a series. Some of my abstract series are NUMBERS, CHARTS, HARMONIOUS RECTANGLES, THE LIGHT SERIES, THE KINETIC SERIES, MAPS etc.

Some of my abstract works, however, remained solitary works and were not followed by a series of works exploring the same theme. The reasons for some works being "solitary" varied; most often, it was my emotional need to explore a new theme rather than a conviction that I had exhausted the one already dealt with that made me abandon the pursuit of a whole series. A case in point is my painting entitled "Transparency", which I created in 1987. After creating that work, I thought I would create a whole series of paintings exploring transparency. However, after creating a second work dealing with the subject - called "Transparent Rectangles" - I was irresistibly drawn to the subject of the Holocaust, a subject which was to be the main focus of my art for the next fifteen years. First in a series of HOLOCAUST PAINTINGS, then in the HOLOCAUST WALL HANGINGS and, finally, in my SELF PORTRAITS OF A HOLOCAUST ARTIST, I explored the Holocaust and my own preoccupation with it - and never returned to the intriguing subject of transparency.