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The Judaica Ceramics and Mosaics Series
Judith Weinshall Liberman
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My interest in Jewish history may well derive from my early education. Having been born and brought up in Israel (then Palestine), where I lived until I completed high school after the end of World War II , I was deeply steeped in the history of the Jewish People from its earliest days through the Holocaust. Although my education was secular, ancient Jewish symbols and old Hebrew writing captured my imagination. These appear in many of my works, especially the ceramics and mosaics, media which seem, because of their archaeological associations, especially suitable for expressing my longing for a world that is no more.

Thus, even my ceramic and mosaic works, adorned, as they are, with old Hebrew writing and ancient Jewish symbols, express a universal theme, the theme of destruction and death. It is that theme which underlies so many of the series of artworks I have created – from VIETNAM through the HOLOCAUST to HOMO SAPIENS. My work is a lament.