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Listen to THREE HUES
Words by Judith Weinshall Liberman
Music by Stephen Feig
Copyright © 2012 by Judith Weinshall Liberman

When I observe God's great creation
And feel moved by its stunning color,
The bright blue sky, the deep blue sea,
The yellow sand that is not duller,

The trees that grow so green in spring,
When they sprout buds and then some fruit,
Like apples red and peaches peach,
And purple berries, small and cute,

And all the flowers growing there
When spring and summer come around,
In colors bright, like red and blue,
And yellow, orange, they abound,

The grass that turns from green to brown
As winter storms approach in fall,
The sun and moon and all those stars
Whose names I don't even recall,

Those creatures that adorn the world
Like birds that show off to their mate,
And butterflies that fly in summer,
And fish that swim around their bait,

I can't help thinking that our God
Is a great artist, since, indeed,
He used only three hues to make
All those great colors that he'd need.

Those hues are red and blue and yellow,
Hues that all the others make,
Like purple, green, and orange, too,
Which are a mix if two we take.

Of course God had to mix those hues
With black or white when he created
All those mysterious shades we see,
And tints which should not be berated.

By mixing hues with one another
Or with the blacks and whites above,
God made chromatic variations,
Some dull, while others – bright – we love.

Indeed God is a brilliant artist,
Showing us right here on earth
That if you want to achieve greatness
And to some moving art give birth,

You must follow in His footsteps
And then no doubt you can believe
That with three hues, plus black and white,
Art's greatest glory you can achieve.