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Mother and Child
Judith Weinshall Liberman
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The MOTHER AND CHILD paintings represent my earliest series of artworks. There are eight paintings in this series, all done in oil in monochrome (umber) on stretched canvas, each measuring 40" x 40". The paintings were done in the mid-sixties, when I first set out on my long journey in art. I was a young mother then and through these works expressed my feelings about the complex relationship between mother and child, a relationship which is sometimes close and positive, at other times toxic and destructive to both mother and child. For me, the MOTHER AND CHILD series marked the beginning of an exploration of human relationships through art. This series was followed by many other series – the VIETNAM series, the HOLOCAUST PAINTINGS, the HOLOCAUST WALL HANGINGS, the SELF PORTRAITS OF A HOLOCAUST ARTIST, the BIBLICAL HISTORY series, the HOMO SAPIENS series etc. In all these works, my focus on expressing my feelings about the human condition has remained intact.