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Skulls Series
Judith Weinshall Liberman
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The Skulls series consists of over half a dozen oil paintings portraying animal skulls. The inspiration for the series came during a course on "Drawing from Nature" which I took at the DeCordova Museum in the early seventies, while the Vietnam War was raging on. Although the props in the course consisted mainly of flora and fauna, I was immediately attracted to the animal skulls, which were part of the mix. Rather than dismissing the skulls as repulsive - as did the other students - I was intrigued not only by the skulls' elegant shapes but also by the potential for their use to symbolize death in particular and the human condition in general. The skulls portrayed in the series include turtle, deer, cow and seal skulls. The colors and textures used are expressive rather than descriptive. Each skull occupies the canvas from edge to edge, thus conveying the monumentality of the subject.