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A Musical Play in Two Acts
Words by Judith Weinshall Liberman
Music by Stephen Feig
Copyright © 2010 by Judith Weinshall Liberman

She was taken from me on a bright, sunny day,
With the skies so blue and the sun so gay

At the prospect of lighting the path for us all
To work and to play and to answer Love's call,

When suddenly flew those two planes from nowhere
And crashed into towers that stood unaware

That on a bright day skies could darken and melt
With the steel and the stone and the shudder they felt.

And the people burned in that blazing fire.
Men and women crushed in that grotesque pyre.

Fathers and mothers, sons, daughters, too,
And brothers and sisters and grandchildren new.

Firemen, police, workers, bystanders drowned
In the falling debris and the smoke all around.

And my loved one just gone, without a trace, disappeared,
As if she had never been here, and I feared

To be left alone without her all the time,
To live all my life with no reason or rhyme.

But she gave me a son and he now fills my days
And my thoughts and my heart and my hopes and my prayers.

She gave me a son, and through him she still gives.
My dear wife is here with us both.

She still lives!